7 Lethal Assumptions We Don’t Want To Make When We’re Starting Over


Andy Stanley is doing a series on Starting Over.  The sermon is worth a listen too.  Besides asking us to ask ourselves

“What was I thinking???”

He lists 7 lethal assumptions we make when we’re starting over …

If you want to break the cycle of repeated mistakes, regret and resolve aren’t
enough. You can’t will yourself into a different future. If you think the way you
used to think, you’ll do the things you used to do.

Here are Seven Lethal Assumptions people make:

  1. “If I can find the right person, everything will be all right.”

  2. “My situation is unique.”

  3. “It’s not right, but it makes me happy. God wants me to be happy.”

  4. “If only I had ___________, then I would be satisfied.”

  5. “‘I owe’ is better than ‘I want.’”

  6. “My secret is safe with me.”

  7. “Sex will solve it.”

Further details in the sermon notes