BIOY – A Life Worth Living

pastor-1450096_960_720A live worth living

I was at a service the other day which I didn’t much care for.  The preacher seemed to love the sound of his own voice.

But what if I was wrong?

So the preacher’s style didn’t suit me.  And that’s ok.  The preacher is preaching to the regular church goers about the Word Of God.  They like the style, and that is ok.  Which neatly leads us to what I got out of today’s BIOY:

Don’t be concerned about other people’s motives for preaching the gospel: ‘Some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry’ and ‘selfish ambition’ (vv.15,17). Others do it out of love (v.16). However, Paul didn’t seem to think it mattered very much as long as Christ was preached (vv.17–18). Don’t criticise other Christians who are preaching the gospel even if you don’t like their style or you question their motives. Be glad that they are proclaiming Jesus.

Be glad that they are proclaiming Jesus.